Prophets of Rage te gast

"Today we visited a refugee community center in Amsterdam. What a day. 580 refugees living in what used to be a woman's prison, then a mental hospital, back to a prison and now this. They will be moving the facility to another place next year. Highlight of the day was playing music with a couple refugees, one from Iran and the other was from Pakistan, along with their music teacher. We played music that was a complete cultural mix of sounds and it was awesome. It's amazing to be in a place where the general consensus is to organize and help others in need regardless of where they are from. When the facility first opened a very large number of people showed up with gifts, and wanted to volunteer at the center. I'm humbled, Amsterdam." ️️

Aldus Brad Wilk, lid van Prophets of Rage, na een bezoek aan de Vrolijkheid Amsterdam eind juni 2017. De groep, bestaand uit 3 leden van Rage Against the Machine en Audioslave (bassist/backing vocalist Tim Commerford, gitarist Tom Morello, en drummer Brad Wilk), 2 van Public Enemy (DJ Lord en rapper Chuck D), en rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill was onder de indruk. And so were we!