Our working method

De Vrolijkheid hanteert vijf principes voor alle projecten: de 5 V’s. Op basis daarvan worden activiteiten en programma’s ontworpen en geëvalueerd.


The Vrolijkheid always works according to five core values. We use them as a guideline for designing our activities and programmes and use them as evaluation standards. 


is our core value. At the Vrolijkheid we focus on creating positive dynamics, carefree moments and uplifting memories.


is an issue in azc’s. That is why we value organising stable teams of artists and volunteers to create a safe environment where everyone can be at ease.


in others and in oneself can be challenged during an asylum procedure. Therefore creating trustworthy relationships is a key element in any art project organised by the Vrolijkheid.


represents art at the Vrolijkheid. Telling stories through varying art disciplines is the core of our methodology. 


is the ability to be positive in spite of hard circumstances. At the Vrolijkheid we focus on strengthening the resilience of children and young people through art by investing in their talents, ambitions and qualities.

*First Aid for Vrolijkheid offers more information on our working method.