The Vrolijkheid Foundation is a network of professional artists and cultural organisers. Every azc has its own Vrolijkheid team responsible for organising a local programme. The local teams are supported by the national office, which has specialist teams for Coordination and Content, Communication and Fundraising, and Business Management and Administration. Director Taco Ruighaver has overall responsibility.

The Vrolijkheid has a governing director - Taco Ruighaver - and a supervisory board. Board Members are:

Hassina Bahar
Mayk Koria 
Sjaron Minailo 
Charlotte van Rappard-Boon  
Tom Schram 

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All our teams are made up of young and senior members, colleagues with and colleagues without the experience of living in an azc, artists and cultural organisers. Just as diverse as the residents of azc’s themselves. We believe diversity improves the quality of our work.

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Wilfred Welten
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