Proclaimer and complaints procedure

Proclaimer and privacy

The Vrolijkheid Foundation is responsible for the content of this website. We take care to keep it up to date, accurate and accessible. If you happen to notice an error, please contact us at: 

We respect your private data. Therefore we adhere to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We also follow the Code of Conduct of the Dutch Association for Charitable Organisations and the Certification Scheme of the Dutch Central Bureau for Fundraising (CBF), which is a member of the International Committee on Fundraising Organisations. 


Complaints procedure

At the Vrolijkheid Foundation we follow our five principles, also where complaints or disputes are concerned.

Do you have a complaint? If you are dissatisfied about how our organisation (or one of our colleagues) has treated you or your request, you can send us a complaint by mail or by email:

Stichting De Vrolijkheid
Rigakade 16
1013 BC Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

In your letter or mail please include: your name (or the name of whom you represent), what the complaint is about, when it happened. Every complaint we receive will be registered and will be handled according to the following procedure. 



  • Within two workdays you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Your complaint will be carefully read. If it lacks necessary information we will ask you to provide that in writing within a period of two weeks, and we will postpone the handling of your complaint until we receive your information.
  • Depending on the matter your complaint addresses we will convene the appropriate staff responsible for the area of your complaint, not staff members directly involved in the matter, but management carrying (ultimate) responsibility. They will determine the extent of the complaint, they will decide who will monitor the complaint handling process and determine the trajectory of the procedure. 
  • Within two weeks after having received a complaint one of the following three options will be followed:
    your complaint will be dealt with in writing; or
    you will be asked to meet personally with the complaint handling team so that we can better examine  your complaint and explore how to respond to it; or  
    an independent committee, relevant to the matter involved, will be established to investigate your complaint. 
    The Director will send you a letter or an email to inform you about the conclusions of the complaint handling procedure or possible follow-up steps. 

The Director of the Vrolijkheid Foundation carries ultimate responsibility for the complaint handling procedure. If you are dissatisfied with how your complaint has been addressed, you can appeal to the Governing Board of the Vrolijkheid Foundation. The Governing Board will handle your appeal along a similar procedure.