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International inspiration

Happiness is working at some 30 asylumseekers centers in The Netherlands. Sometimes we look for inspiration abroad or are inspired, for instance, by TANDEM for culture.

Tandem is a cultural collaboration programme that strengthens civil society in Europe and neighbouring regions. From Berlin to Beirut, throughout wider Europe, participants join from a variety of places and communities. For example, a theatre director based in Tunis can work with a curator based in Sofia on developing a project about representation of refugees in the city. While building a collaborative project, both partners commit to the process of working together, to share their expertise and to learn from each other.

De Vrolijkheid is participating in TANDEM. Our collaboration has explored co-creation within the arts in an inter-cultural setting with people with a refugee background. The result of our inquiry is a short film Bright As The Moon that can be used as new training material within both organizations and that can inspire other European organizations that work in similar ways.

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