What we do

Happiness has been present in asylum-seekers centers since 2000. We work with children in different age groups, who participate in weekly workshops. With the children and teenagers we make theater-plays, movies, music and art. It is about creating value, something for the children to express their feelings, dreams, ideas and stories. Something that has value and fosters dignity.

Some examples:

   Co-creation project Vrolijkheid Heerlen  


  Festival showing lots of music, dance, theatre and visual arts made by children and youngsters at de Vrolijkheid (Leeuwarden, May 2018)


Song and video made by girls living at an asylumseekerscenter (2017)

We travel around with our story-tent in which parents and children tell stories and write about their lives. We make short films and animation, and have a ‘happy-house’ in which children tell their secrets to a camera. We have a photo project in which the World is captured from different perspectives. We build dream-houses and castles, make art-dioramas through which you can look to see the childrens’ dreams of the future. We make powerful and surprising theater-plays with teenagers and put scarecrows in the neighbourhoods of the asylum-seekers centers to scare away people who want to steal or ruin our dreams.